Trial shows greatly improved reading and writing skills

Eagle English/Child Friendly Schools Programme 10-week Trial

The trial of Part 1 of the Eagle English Fast-track Phonics  course took place in a cross-section of Kenyan private schools over 10 weeks (with daily 30-minute sessions) in 2017. These included schools with children from privileged and under-privileged backgrounds. Mr Fideles Nakhulo, then Deputy Director, Quality Assurance and Standards, and National Co-ordinator of the Child Friendly Schools programme was impressed by the interactive nature of the course and was convinced that it would benefit Kenyan children. He gave Eagle English the authority to visit schools to evaluate the programme more widely. The results showed accelerated reading and writing skills.

The pre- and post- assessments were undertaken by Ministry of Education Science & Technology Master Trainers in conjunction with Eagle English. These Trainers are experienced teachers working in their own and other assigned schools.

Fast-track Phonics Course – 10-week trial